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Reiki healing is a Japanese method of care based on energetic hand-laying. The therapist channels and transmits the energy to the patient by laying on of hands to activate the natural healing process.

This method of care was founded by the Japanese Mikao Usui following a mystical revelation that would have led to the end of the nineteenth century to receive the  « keys to healing »

Reiki is a natural aid method that re-harmonizes and rebalances the body's energy centers, releases tension, physical and emotional blockages, tones all organs, revitalizes and relaxes deeply.

This therapeutic technique makes it possible to act in a personalized way and to help the patient to activate his/her own resources. It can be used in prevention and as a supplement to any medical treatment  to which it will increase its effectiveness.

Soin Reiki


Reiki healing session

Each session lasts about an hour.

  • During the first session, a part is dedicated to the collection of information, this interview allows the practitioner to know the patient, the reason for his arrival and his objectives to achieve.


  • In a second time a Reiki treatment adapted to the needs of the patient is practiced.

  •  The session ends with an exchange with the patient concerning his Reiki treatment.


The next session if it is needed entirely dedicated to care because the expectations of the patient are already known.

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