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  • Skin problems: psoriasis, warts, shingles, eczema, urticaria, baldness

  • Respiratory problems: punctual or chronic allergies, asthma

  • Various phobias: claustrophobia and agoraphobia, social phobia, fear of lifts, train, plane, water, etc ..., OCD.

  • Addictions: smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction.

  • Preoperative preparations: pain-free delivery, dentistry; analgesia, anesthesia, postoperative follow-up, pain control: painful medical examinations, large burns ...

  • Trauma: accident, death, divorces ...

  • Depression, anxiety, stress and malaise, migraines, insomnia, nightmares.

  • Associated symptoms more or less temporary: paralysis, blindness, deafness, aphonia, amnesia, dysphagia, tics and stuttering, high blood pressure ...

  • Sexual disorders: impotence, vaginismus, frigidity, anorgasmia.

  • Weight management and body image: excess weight, bulimia, anorexia.

  • Lack of self-confidence: professional or personal reorientation, concentration training, performance training (sport, studies, exams, goal setting ...).

  • Improvement of sports technical gestures, optimization of physical and mental fitness, all forms of various learning.

  • Support during the treatment of heavy diseases.

  • Perinatal hypnosis: support throughout pregnancy. (more information here)

Indications of Hypnosis

The possibilities of hypnosis are varied, you will here find a non-exhaustive list of indications:

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