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Hypnosis is a technique practiced in a modified state of consciousness.


Everyone has already experienced a modified state of consciousness, for example when reading a novel that allows us to escape and lose the notion of time. Or after a drive, when we realize that we do not remember the journey or what we met or cross on the road. The hypnotic state is precisely that moment of consciousness where things are perceived differently.


The techniques used to modify the habitual state of consciousness of a person are multiple and chosen according to the overall objective to be achieved.


The Ericksonian hypnosis that I practice is an approach based on Milton Erickson's teachings. This American psychiatrist and psychologist showed how each individual's unconscious was able to respond appropriately to the different situations he is confronted with. The goal of Ericksonian hypnosis is to promote the mobilization of the unconscious through this modified state of consciousness to facilitate the resolution of problems encountered. Ericksonian hypnosis supports all kinds of pathologies.

Hypnose Ericksonienne Levallois Perret


Hypnosis session

  • The first session lasts approximately one and a half hours and consists of three parts:

  • The collection of information and the determination of objectives. This part is also called anamnesis, it is about an interview between the patient and the practitioner which makes it possible to know the patient, the reason of his arrival and his objectives to reach.

  • The hypnotic protocol. We can speak here of the actual hypnosis session.

  • The return and the debriefing. The session ends with an exchange with the patient regarding his perception.


  • The next session if it is needed is shorter because the expectations of the patient are already known.

Combien de séances sont nécessaires ?

L'hypnose fait partie des techniques brèves, la plupart des patients ont besoin de deux ou trois séances seulement. Ceci dépend bien évidemment du vécu de chaque patient et ses objectifs à atteindre. Les résultats peuvent varier d'un patient à l'autre.

* La durée de chaque consultation peut varier légèrement selon les besoins de chaque patient, les informations sont purement indicatives.

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