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After more than 16 years in the corporate world where I held various positions in the fields of training, human resources and communication. I use my experience and knowledge as well as my hypnosis and Reiki techniques to help you move forward and achieve your goals.


You want to achieve a personal or professional goal, do not wait any longer!


There are many possibilities and options:

  • Relationship or love difficulties,

  • Management of emotions and stress,

  • Create change, develop new skills,

  • Overcome an obstacle or resolve a conflictual situation,

  • Decision making, Development of a development plan,

  • Face your fears (public speaking, expressing yourself, changing, ...)

  • Preparation for an appointment or interview.


etc ...


Why call on a coach?

Because it is not always easy to know exactly what you want and because it is not easy for those around you to give good advice, it is therefore useful to call on a coach who will help you by its external and neutral look to define your project and achieve the objectives set



Coaching session

Each session lasts about an hour and the coaching process that I propose to you takes place over several sessions. The number of sessions may vary depending on the problem but also on the personal development work of each.


The proposed program will allow you to:

  • Define your professional project,

  • Take stock of your talents and skills,

  • Establish your action plan,

  • Be supported throughout the process.


Coaching sessions can take place at my office, at your place or in a company.


Do not wait any longer and make an appointment.

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