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Self-hypnosis consists of practicing hypnosis on yourself, without being helped or guided by another person.

Self-hypnosis, like hypnosis, involves processes that help you to better manage situations like:

  • pain,

  • anxiety,

  • sleep disturbances,

  • depressive disorders,

  • fears and phobias,

  • post-traumatic stress disorder,

  • other problems or pathologies.


I therefore invite you to learn self-hypnosis in order to act and regain control over yourself independently.

For this I set up self-hypnosis learning workshops, they are done either individually or in a group, in my office or at your home. These consist of two sessions of approximately 2 hours spaced a few days each.

You can choose to book these workshops alone or with friends or colleagues.


The rates available below vary depending on the number of participants who will accompany you.


To make an appointment, call me on 0456 130 564 or by e-mail:

* A supplement for home workshops may apply depending on the distance

Learn self-hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is hypnosis applied by yourself to yourself. It is an increasingly popular technique for handling various situations.

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