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The massages I offer are inspired by Californian massages, but also intuitive, Swedish, sensitive, lomi lomi, neural and Ayurvedic massages. They are practiced with an organic vegetable oil thanks to effleurages, sliding pressures, crushing, kneading and rotational friction, they also incorporate the softness, the intuitive and the enveloping aspect.


The benefits:

massage is suitable for people of all ages as well as pregnant women. It is particularly indicated for people seeking a reduction in the effects of stress on their body and those who suffer from chronic pain since it provides deep relaxation and relief from musculo-articular pain. On a physical level, the maneuvers stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, promote tissue oxygenation, relax the muscles and relieve tension in depth. By releasing buried emotions, this massage can help the recipient to refocus and reclaim their own body. In addition to this, you need to know more about it. Each massage is unique and made according to your desires and needs, it can be soft and enveloping, more invigorating or targeted on a specific part of the body. My massages are tailor-made after taking the time to talk about it with you.

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